Flux is a [WIFI CRACKER]
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wireless hacking - This is automated wireless hacking tool
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Modified hostapd to facilitate AP impersonation attacks
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# This scripts is edited under the General Public License as defined by the Free software foundation. # This package is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; It can be used and modified and shared but should be referenced to, it CANNOT be # sold or be used for a commercial-economical purpose. # See the details in the file LICENCE.txt that is situated in the folder of the script or visit http://gplv3.fsf.org/ ) # The discovery of One algorithm used in WPSPIN have been made parallely and previously by zhaochunsheng in a C. script named computepinC83A35. as i don't known C or # programming and found this out after coding the first version of WPS, this bash script doesn't use a dingle line of computepinC83A35. # But it had to be saved that zhaochunsheng found the main algorithm on Chinese access points months before I found it on a new Belkin N router, without knowing it works. # The page of the author is sadly down and i cannot link you to a straight source # This code wouldn't have been possible with the help and advices of antares_145, r00tnuLL and 1camaron1, thanks to them billion a billion time :) # It wouldn't have been possible neither without my beloved lampiweb.com work crew, maripuri, bentosouto, dirneet, betis-jesus, compota, errboricobueno, pinty_102 nad all users # greetings to crack-wifi.com familly, yasmine, M1ck3y, spawn, goliate, fuji, antares has been already credited, koala, noireaude, vances1, konik etc... and all users # greetings to auditoriaswireless.net and thanks to the big chief papones for the hosting and greetings to everybody # This code uses wps reaver that has to be installed on it own, reaver is a free software (http://code.google.com/p/reaver-wps/) (GPL2) by Tactical Network Solutions. Thanks to # them for this amazing work # You also need aircrack-ng, thanks to Mister X and kevin devine for providing the best suite ever (http://www.aircrack-ng.org/) # I would like also to thanks Stefan Viehbock for all is amazing work on wps (http://sviehb.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/wi-fi-protected-setup-pin-brute-force-vulnerability/) HOW TO USE WPSPIN? - Unzip the package that you download < unzip WPSPIN > - once situated in the created folder (cd WPSPIN) launch the script with < bash WPSPIN.sh > REQUIREMENTS If you use WPSPIN as a simple generator no requierement. If you want to enjoy the scan and attack feature you need: - a wireless interface with a chipset compatible with mode monitor - aircrack-ng installed in yout system - WPS reaver installed you can visit crack-wifi.com, lampiweb.com and auditroias-wireless.net to get indormattion and help about WPSPIN and others issues like thiese ones Just follow the script, it is very simple CHANGELOG # 1.1 (10-12-2012) # - Support for PIN beginning with one or several 0 thanks to the data of atim and tresal. # - New MAC supported : 6A:C0:6F (HG566 default ESSID vodafoneXXXX ) # 1.2 (12/12/2012) # - Fixed output bugs in backtrack and other distributions # - Added support to the generic default PIN known # 1.3 (23/01/2013) # - New supported devices: # - 7 bSSID vodafoneXXXX (HG566a) > 6A:3D:FF / 6A:A8:E4 / 6A:C0:6F / 6A:D1:67 / 72:A8:E4 / 72:3D:FF / 72:53:D4 # - 2 bSSID WLAN_XXXX (PDG-A4001N de adbroadband) > 74:88:8B / A4:52:6F # - 2 new models affected: # 1) SWL (Samsung Wireless Link), default ESSID SEC_ LinkShare_XXXXXX. 2 known affected BSSID > 80:1F:02 / E4:7C:F9 # 2) Conceptronic c300brs4a (default ESSID C300BRS4A ) 1 BSSID known > 00:22:F7 # - Rules to check the validity of the mac address (thanks r00tnuLL and anteres_145 for your codes) # - More filter for some case where several default ssid are possible,check the difference between ssid and bssid for FTE for possibles mismatch... # - More information displayed when a target is selected # - Display and colours problems are definitively solved for all distributions, one version # - Rewriting of code (tanks to r00tnuLL, antares_145, goyfilms and 1camron1 for their advices and feed back) # 1.4 ( 22/05/2013) # - Complete Rewriting of code to provide new functions: # - Multi language # - A automated mode using wash and reaver # - Interfaces management (automatic if only one interface is present, acting as filter if no mode monitor is possible to reduce options) # - New supported bssid # - 2 news bssid for FTE-XXXX (HG532c) 34:6B:D3 and F8:3D:FF # - 17 new bssid for vodafone HG566a # 62:23:3D 62:3C:E4 62:3D:FF 62:55:9C 62:7D:5E 62:B6:86 62:C7:14 6A:23:3D 6A:3D:FF 6A:7D:5E 6A:C6:1F 6A:D1:5E 72:3D:FF 72:53:D4 72:55:9C 72:6B:D3 72:A8:E4 # - New supported devices ( 9 models ) # - TP-LINK > TD-W8961ND v2.1 default SSID TP-LINK_XXXXXX 3 known bssids ; F8:D1:11 B0:48:7A 64:70:02 # - EDIMAX > 3G-6200n and EDIMAX > 3G-6210n bssid ; 00:1F:1F defaukt SSID : default # - KOZUMI > K1500 and K1550 bssid : 00:26:CE # - Zyxel > P-870HNU-51B bssid : FC:F5:28 # - TP-LINK TP-LINK_XXXXXX TL-WA7510N bssid : 90:F6:52: # - SAGEM FAST 1704 > SAGEM_XXXX bssid : 7C:D3:4C: # - Bewan iBox V1.0 > one bssid 00:0C:C3 for two ssids with different defaukt PIN > DartyBox_XXX_X and TELE2BOX_XXXX
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A Suite of Tools written in Python for wireless auditing and security testing.
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Ability to detect suspicious activity such as (WEP/WPA/WPS) attack by sniffing the air for wireless packets.
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WiFi-autopwner: script to automate searching and auditing Wi-Fi networks with weak security
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Proof of concepts of attacks against Wi-Fi implementations
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An automated script for deauthentication attack
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A simple python script to scan and attack wireless networks.
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A drone engineered to autonomously seek out, hack, and wirelessly take full control over any other Parrot or 3DR drones within wireless or flying distance, creating an army of zombie drones under your control.
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Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/fern-wifi-cracker
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Software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt.
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Framework for Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point Attack
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