Honeywell 345 Mhz decoding
创建时间: 2017-01-03 更新时间: 2018-07-03
Spectrum Analyzer for Android using the HackRF
创建时间: 2014-10-20 更新时间: 2018-08-24
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FruityWiFi is a wireless network auditing tool. The application can be installed in any Debian based system adding the extra packages. Tested in Debian, Kali Linux, Kali Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi), Raspbian (Raspberry Pi), Pwnpi (Raspberry Pi), Bugtraq, NetHunter.
创建时间: 2013-10-14 更新时间: 2018-08-23
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创建时间: 2015-12-14 更新时间: 2018-08-22
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Passive sniffing tool for capturing and visualising WiFi location data disclosed by iOS devices
创建时间: 2012-08-31 更新时间: 2018-08-23
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WiFi arsenal
创建时间: 2015-03-23 更新时间: 2018-08-24
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PoC scripts demonstrating the BlueBorne vulnerabilities
创建时间: 2017-10-21 更新时间: 2018-08-23
This is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks.
创建时间: 2017-12-15 更新时间: 2017-12-14
This script is used to change the Mac address of the wifi connection as well as the emulated one created by airmon-ng in an attempt to avoid being locked out of routers for repeated WPS attack attempts. The reaver command runs once and then the script gives the machine a new Mac address.
创建时间: 2014-05-27 更新时间: 2018-06-14
Scripts to automate WiFi cracking with Aircrack-ng
创建时间: 2017-11-03 更新时间: 2017-11-04
For collecting probed SSID name by wireless devices, Access point detail and connected clients.
创建时间: 2014-02-22 更新时间: 2017-11-14
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Cheetacrack is a small python script to recover factory WPA passwords from various Pirelli home wifi routers.
创建时间: 2012-03-24 更新时间: 2018-08-11
Accoustic Cryptanalysis - Side channel attacks on Keyboards
创建时间: 2012-09-01 更新时间: 2018-04-20
This Project uses a Panda board mounted on top of my drone (the attacker) to hijack other drones autonomously and fly them back to the station. The hijacking can be done autonomously. The flight control can also be done autonomously or remotely if we managed to connect to the Panda board from other network.
创建时间: 2014-05-13 更新时间: 2017-12-31
Crack WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi Routers with Airodump-ng and Aircrack-ng/Hashcat
创建时间: 2017-12-30 更新时间: 2017-12-30