ABOUT: This Tool is a wrapper for the reaver WPS Attacking Toolkit Why this tool? reaver is great, but there is no automatic way to prescan,decide and start the attack. This is the reason why I wrote NWRW - Net-War Reaver Wrapper. This code is not the nicest one, i know, but hey it't working and helps! Have fun.
创建时间: 2014-08-06 更新时间: 2016-12-02
# WikileaksCIA Data DUMP CIA 2017 - WikiLeaks
创建时间: 2017-03-08 更新时间: 2018-06-17
We got the Myo's EMG-data on Android by hacking bluetooth.
创建时间: 2015-04-21 更新时间: 2018-07-31
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WiFi-autopwner: script to automate searching and auditing Wi-Fi networks with weak security
创建时间: 2017-11-13 更新时间: 2017-11-12
Creating a wireless rifle de-authentication gun, which utilized a yagi antenna and a Raspberry Pi.
创建时间: 2015-07-14 更新时间: 2018-07-04
PoC scripts demonstrating the BlueBorne vulnerabilities
创建时间: 2017-12-28 更新时间: 2017-12-28
An automation script created in python to manage reaver for WPA/WPA2 Cracking
创建时间: 2015-08-12 更新时间: 2017-07-14
WiFi arsenal
创建时间: 2017-01-09 更新时间: 2018-08-15
Proof of concept for UPC UBEE router hack - WPA2 password generator
创建时间: 2016-07-03 更新时间: 2018-07-28
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