Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Use-After-Free

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= Microsoft Internet Explorer SLayoutRun Use After Free
= Author: Scott Bell <scott.bell[at]>
= Vendor Website:
= Affected Version: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
= Advisory URL:
= Metasploit Module:

== Description ==

A Use-after-free memory corruption vulnerability was identified in
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. This allows a malicious user to remotely
execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable users machine, in the context of
the current user. The memory corruption happens when the application of
a style sheet performs style computations on the DOM. A CParaElement
node is released but a reference is still kept in CDoc. This memory is
reused when a CDoc relayout is performed.

== Solution ==

Microsoft validated this security issue in Internet Explorer 8 and
issued a patch (MS13-009) to remedy it.
recommends applying the patch which has been made available via Windows

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