PHP <= 5.2.9 SafeMod Bypass Vulnerability (win32)

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发布时间 2009-06-01 更新时间 2009-06-01
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Abysssec Inc Public Advisory

Title  : PHP <= 5.2.9 SafeMod Bypass Vulnerability 
Affected Version : Tested on 5.2.8, 5.2.6 but previous versions maybe be afftect
Vendor  Site   :

Vulnerability Discoverd by   :

Description : 

Here is another safemod bypass vulnerability exist in php <= 5.2.9 on windows .
the problem comes from OS behavior - implement  and interfacing between php
and operation systems directory structure . the problem is php won't tell difference 
between directory browsing in linux and windows this can lead attacker to ability 
execute his / her commands on targert machie even in SafeMod On  (php.ini setting) . 

Vulnerability :

in linux when you want open a directory for example php directory you need
to go to /usr/bin/php and you can't use \usr\bin\php . but windows won't tell
diffence between slash and back slash it means there is no didffrence  between 
c:\php and c:/php , and this is not vulnerability but itself but  because of this  simple 
php implement "\" character can escape safemode using  function like excec . 

PoC / Exploit : 

orginal :
mirror  :

note : this vulnerabities is just for educational purpose and showing vulnerability exist 
so author will be not be responsible for any damage using this vulnerabilty. 

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