LittleCMS vulnerabilities (OpenJDK, Firefox, GIMP, etc. impacted)

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发布时间 2009-03-20 更新时间 2009-03-20
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LittleCMS (or lcms) prior to v1.18beta2 contains various integer
overflow, buffer overflow and memory leak errors. At least one of
these bugs is a stack-based buffer overflow which is good for
arbitrary code execution. I have an exploit that works on my
Ubuntu-8.10 laptop but am holding off on releasing it just yet.

The most serious bug is a stack-based buffer overflow in
ReadSetOfCurves() in cmsio1.c. With some code paths, validation of the
number of channels in the ICC profile is not performed. This leads to
an overflow of the "Curves" stack buffer. The overflow data is not
arbitrarily user controlled; it's pointers to heap chunks where the
attacker has partial control over the contents of the heap chunks.
That's good enough for an exploit on many systems.

Full technical details:

Blog post:

The blog post goes into a little more detail on which attack surfaces
LittleCMS is present, and which system-level defenses mitigate this