Secure Computing (McAfee) Smart Filter possible issue

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发布时间 2009-03-20 更新时间 2009-03-20
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While resolving a tech support issue with McAfee Smart Filter I found
the clear text password and user name of the SmartFilter user ID that
authenticates to the proxy server in at least one place, the config.txt
file in the config subdirectory under c:Program FilesSecure
ComputingSmartfilter Administrationserver. I am not sure if this only
if you are using Smartfilter for the (deprecated) web proxy on your
Sidewinder G2, or whether it pertains also if you are only using this
for HTTP proxy. Therefore this issue may be actually somewhat out of

The issue occurred on our Smartfilter Admin server, which is a Windows
server that runs the web filtering software and updates the Sidewinder
and handles reporting of stats. THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE ON THE FIREWALL
ITSELF. The Sidewinder G2 remains rock solid. 

Anyway, default permissions on this file include read access for local
machine users, power users and, oddly, Terminal server users.
Administrators of course, have full control. 

Has anybody else seen this?

Dan S.