IBM Director CIM Server Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability

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发布时间 2009-03-13 更新时间 2009-03-13
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SEC-CONSULT Security Advisory < 20090305-1 >
   title: IBM Director CIM Server Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
   program: IBM Director for Windows
   vulnerable version: <= 5.20.3 Service Update 2
   found: Sept. 2008
   by: Bernhard Mueller / SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab
   permanent link:

Product description:

IBM Director is an application that can track and view system
configurations of remote computers. It is available for Linux, AIX, and
Windows servers.

Vulnerability overview:

The CIM server contained in the IBM Director suite for Microsoft Windows
is vulnerable to a remote denial of service attack. The vulnerability
allows an attacker to crash the service remotely. It will not be
possible to reach the IBM Director agent until the service is manually

Vulnerability details:

CIM server crashes on receiving requests that contain overlong consumer
names. The error condition does not allow for the redirection of program

M-POST /CIMListener/[Ax512] HTTP/1.1
CIMOperation: MethodCall
CIMExport: MethodRequest
CIMExportMethod: ExportIndication

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The vendor has adressed this vulnerability in service update 2 for IBM
Director agent 5.20.3. Download link:

vendor status:
vendor notified: 2008-11-03
patch available: 2009-03-09