Remote Authentication Bypass - Swann DVR4 SecuraNet

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漏洞ID 1052189 漏洞类型
发布时间 2009-02-11 更新时间 2009-02-11
CVE编号 CVE-2009-0640
漏洞平台 N/A CVSS评分 N/A
 Dear BugTraq Readers,

It is possible to download the configuration containing usernames/passwords to this CCTV DVR which is being marketed by Swann Security (suspect that it is a rebranded AVTech unit)

[tez@tetris ~]$ curl

(the above are the default username/password on the unit; which I have yet to change - access to other units found via Google have demonstrated that this technique does work)

Once you have the username/password from this file, you can log in to the unit via http://[IP Address]/ and authenticate with those details.

It is strongly suggested that owners of these units secure them by configuring an IP-based ACL on their firewall/router in order to ensure that unwanted parties cannot view the cameras attached to this unit.

This vulnerability has been reported to Swann Security and as of yet, they have not published a firmware update for this nor responded to my request for access to firmware source under the terms of the GPL.

As per standard disclosure practices, the vendor was given 30 days to publish a patch/fix or announce this themselves - so far, they have not done so hence my own disclosure.

Terry Froy
Spilsby Internet Solutions