Cross-Site Scripting Filter Evasion in various frameworks / applications

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漏洞ID 1052510 漏洞类型
发布时间 2008-09-11 更新时间 2008-09-11
漏洞平台 N/A CVSS评分 N/A
n.runs AG                              security(at)
n.runs-SA-2008.007                                           11-Sep-2008
Vendor:                Various
Affected Products:     Horde >= 3.1, <= 3.2.1
                        Popoon/Flux-CMS <= r22196
                        Secondary, affected versions:
                        Cake-PHP <= 1.2.x.x_18.08.2008 (nightly)
                        phpMyFAQ <= 2.5.0-dev (2008-08-18)
                        deluxeBB <= 1.2
                        emucms <= 0.3
                        SimpleSite <= 1.6.4
                        RevokeBB <= 1.0RC11_normal
                        TPLN <= 2.9
                        Logicoder <= r27
                        phour <= r106
                        MDPro <= 1.0821
                        noserub <= r784/0.6
                        and probably more
Vulnerability:         Cross-Site Scripting Filter Evasion in various
                        frameworks / applications
CVE:                   CVE-2008-3824
oCERT:                 oCERT-2008-012
Risk:                  MEDIUM
Vendor communication:

   2008/07/25    Bug found and PoC preparation
   2008/07/26    Vulnerability report submitted via oCert online-form
   2008/08/05    oCert confirmed the submission. oCert starts the
                 coordination of affected authors/vendors
   2008/09/06    oCert informs all parties about the advisory release
   2008/09/11    n.runs AG releases this advisory in coordination with


The Horde project relies on code similar to Popoon's externalinput.php
to filter out potential XSS attacks on user-supplied input. Other
projects are using the same code base. Therefore this vulnerability
affects also the popular Cake-PHP framework. Hence, all users that
rely on the externalinput sanitization functionality are affected by
this vulnerability, as in addition to many other unrelated, open source


The XSS filter fails to fully sanitize the user data. In particular,
this filter fails to protect against a special character which
Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox is interpreting it
as a valid space character.


This circumstance allows to bypass the filter and to apply
Cross-Site Scripting.


For detailed information about the fixes, follow the link in the
references section [1] of this document.

Bug found by Alexios Fakos of n.runs AG.

Many thanks to Will Drewry of oCert team for the coordination and
professional communication.

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