Risky Chrome (The perfect cleartext password offering )

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 Google Chrome : The perfect password offering ( Tested on pair.com Webmail, might work on 
others as well with Google Chrome
Chrome stores saves passwords in CLEAR TEXT.
1 ] Goto webmail.pair.com
    Pair Webmail provides https and doesn't have any option on its page to save password.
2 ] Enter your username. Enter a false (incorrect) password
3 ] Allow Chrome to save password ( It will prompt below the address bar)
4 ] Now try again and this time Login user your real credentials
5 ] Open a few emails, if possible in a new tab
6 ] Sign out and close Chrome
7 ] Locate
X:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User
Data\Default\Current Session ( Path might be different in Vista )
and change directory using the command prompt to the above path
8 ] Note that the "Current Session" file needs to be present in your "\Application
Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\" directory
9 ] Fire this command in cmd : find "&secret" "Current Session" (You can use grep as well)
10 ] If you have reached till this stage you can see that its stored in clear text.
11 ] Screenshot attached  : Chrome_Password_Current_Sessions_ClearText.png
Uh! Cannot attach !!
Contact for a demo video if you can't manage to pull this.