Oracle Application Server PLSQL injection flaw

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发布时间 2008-07-16 更新时间 2008-07-16
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NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory

Name: PLSQL Injection in Oracle Application Server
Systems Affected: Oracle Application Server,,
Severity: Critical
Vendor URL:
Author: David Litchfield [ ]
Reported: 9th October 2007
Date of Public Advisory: 15th July 2008
Advisory number: #NISR15072008
CVE: CVE-2008-2589

Oracle has just released a fix for a flaw that, when exploited, allows an
unauthenticated attacker on the Internet to gain full control of a backend
Oracle database server via the front end web server.

Oracle Application Server installs a number of PLSQL packages in the backend
database server. One of these is the WWV_RENDER_REPORT package and it is
vulnerable to PLSQL injection. This package uses definer rights execution
and therefore executes with the privileges of the owner, in this case the
highly privileged PORTAL user.

Specifically, the SHOW procedure takes as its 2nd argument the name of a
function to execute and this is embedded with a dynamically executed
anonymous block of PLSQL without first being sanitized. Because it is a
block of anonymous PLSQL, an attacker can exploit this flaw to run any SQL
statement, for example, create new users, grant dba privileges, delete or
modify data. This is achieved by wrapping the statement(s) within an
"execute immediate" statement and specifiying the autonomous_transaction

Fix Information
Oracle was alerted to this flaw on the 9th October 2007. A patch has now
been made available:

NGSSQuirreL for Oracle, an advanced vulnerability assessment scanner
designed specifically for Oracle, can be used to accurately determine
whether your servers are vulnerable to these flaws. More information about
NGSSQuirreL for Oracle can be found here:

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