screen 4.03 password bypass vuln - UPDATE (for you sec dudes...)

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发布时间 2008-06-19 更新时间 2008-06-19
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Well I improved the advisory I released a while ago after I found serval
websites wich claim that this is a fake/myth sec. problem because they
where not able to reproduce it onto their boxes...

The updated version is avaiable at milw0rm (thanks to str0ke) and I
recomment that all who mirrored the article do update.

milw0rm link:

I even included a lil example to make it fool proof... I was realy
impressed that some do think it's a fake/myth and claim that onto their

So it would be nice if the guys at (and others) may do update
their articles, rating and what else matters for them to correct their

I named a now OS and how to reproduce it.
So feel free to install oBSD in a VM. ;]

The new version of the "improved" advisory is attached too for your
convenience. The bug itself is still the old one....

Kind regards,

<div><ul><li>text/plain attachment: screen_4_0_3_password_bypass_openbsd_txt</li></ul><!-- attachment="screen_4_0_3_password_bypass_openbsd_txt" --></div>