Flashchat 4.7.11 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

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发布时间 2007-04-05 更新时间 2007-04-05
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Flashchat 4.7.11 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
Product: Flash Chat =< 4.7.11
Vendor: http://tufat.com/
Description: FlashChat is a highly customizable PHP/MySQL based chat room script that is easily integrated into a website and mimics IRC in it's command structureExploit(s) / 

Vulnerability(ies): FlashChat is vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting in info.php when the 'add room' function is enabled, which is a default setting and therefore very common.

PoC(s): Create a new channel with the following in the title: <script>alert(document.cookie);</script>. 
Then join the room, click on "Save", and a session id is displayed. 
This could obviously be used for cookie stealing and other malicious attacks.Vendor Status: Vendor was not informed before publication.

Solution: The vendor has yet to publish a solution for the exploit.
Credits:Reinhardt a.k.a xShaDoWx
Greetz to Lostcoders.com