AngelineCMS Multiple Vulnerabilities

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漏洞ID 1053254 漏洞类型
发布时间 2006-05-13 更新时间 2006-05-13
CVE编号 CVE-2006-2329
漏洞平台 N/A CVSS评分 N/A


AngelineCMS API (C) 2003-2004 AngelineCMS developers (angelinecms (at) pythonzero (dot) org [email concealed])

AngelineCMS API is a PHP framework which was developed for rapid development of AngelineCMS content management system.

AngelineCMS API is OPEN SOURCE software under BSD-style. T

3rd party integrations are AdoDB and HTMLArea.



Google Dork : "powered by angelineCMS" . You get a number of sites running this particular web based software. To our surprise even at the presence of 0.8.1 version of the software most of them were found running on previous versions like 0.6.5 or below. On conducting a strict security benchmark on the 0.6.5 versions and less we have come up with the following vulnerabilities.

1. Directory Listing is enabled for /lib by default.

2. Integrated third party softwares which actually leads to the information disclosure bug.

3. Also entire CMS architecure and hiearchy is disclosed aiding the attacker.


Proof of Concept :