PHP-Nuke MS-Analysis Module - HTTP Referrer Field SQL Injection

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发布时间 2004-03-22 更新时间 2004-03-22
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Reportedly the MS-Analysis module is prone to a remote SQL injection vulnerability. This issue is due to a failure to properly sanitize user supplied HTTP header input before using it in an SQL query.

As a result of this, a malicious user may influence database queries in order to view or modify sensitive information, potentially compromising the software or the database. It may be possible for an attacker to disclose the administrator password hash by exploiting this issue.

" SELECT pwd from nuke_authors where name%3d%27God%27 AND IF(mid(pwd,1,1)%3d3,benchmark(150000,md5(1337)),1)/*"

Where must be a considered a considered a valid search engine by the MS-Analysis module.