Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 - mms Protocol Handler Executable Command Line Injection

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发布时间 2004-08-05 更新时间 2004-08-05
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A vulnerability has been reported to exist in Microsoft Internet Explorer that may allow remote attackers to pass arbitrary command line arguments to an application associated with the mms: URI protocol handler. Windows Media Player is the application normally associated with this URI protocol handler. 

This vulnerability would permit an attacker to influence the invocation arguments for the executable and could result in loss of compromise of various security properties. This may be exploited from a malicious Web page or possibly through HTML email.

It is not known if this issue is specific to the mms: URI protocol handler or if other URI protocol handlers on the system may be similarly affected. This vulnerability could be a general issue in Internet Explorer with many possible attack vectors, although there is not enough information available at this time to make this determination.

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