Software602 602 LAN Suite - Multiple Remote Denial of Service Vulnerabilities

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发布时间 2004-11-06 更新时间 2004-11-06
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602 LAN SUITE is reported prone to multiple remote denial of service vulnerabilities. The following specific issues are reported:

It is reported that an attacker may consume CPU and memory resources on a target 602 LAN SUITE server. Reports indicate that this condition exists due to a lack of sanity checking prior to the allocation of regions of memory by the affected software. 

A remote attacker may exploit this vulnerability to consume system resources, ultimately impacting the performance of the target computer and potentially resulting in a denial of service.

A second vulnerability is reported in the manner in which 602 LAN SUITE handles telnet proxy requests. It is reported that the proxy does not perform sufficient sanity checks on the destination IP of a proxy request.

A remote attacker may exploit this condition to exhaust all available sockets on a target computer that is running 602 LAN SUITE telnet proxy. This will effectively deny service to legitimate requests.