sugarsales 1.x/2.0 - Multiple Vulnerabilities

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发布时间 2004-12-13 更新时间 2004-12-13
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Multiple remote vulnerabilities are reported to exist in SugarSales.

The first reported issue is an SQL injection vulnerability. This vulnerability is due to a lack of proper input-validation by the application, prior to utilizing attacker-supplied data in and SQL query.

This vulnerability is reported to exist in versions prior to 2.0.1a.

The next issue is reportedly a directory traversal vulnerability. This vulnerability is also due to a lack of proper input-validation by the application.

The last reported issue is a remote denial of service and information disclosure vulnerability.

The directory traversal and installation script vulnerabilities reportedly exist in all current versions of SugarSales.

To log into SugarSales, utilize the username "admin' or 1=1 -- " with any password.

To disclose the contents of potentially sensitive files: