Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 - Malformed HTML Parsing Denial of Service (2)

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发布时间 2006-05-26 更新时间 2006-05-26
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Microsoft Internet Explorer is affected by a denial-of-service vulnerability. This issue arises because the application fails to handle exceptional conditions in a proper manner.

An attacker may exploit this issue by enticing a user to visit a malicious site, resulting in a denial-of-service condition in the application.

This issue results in a NULL-pointer dereference, causing the application to crash. If attackers can manipulate the pointer being dereferenced, code execution may be possible. Note that this has not been confirmed.

Since exploiting this issue requires only standard HTML, it may not be easily mitigated.

Internet Explorer 6 is vulnerable to this issue; other versions may also be affected. This issue will reportedly crash Microsoft Outlook as well.

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