Snif 1.5.2 - Any Filetype Download

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-: Snif - "Any Filetype" Download Exploit :-

Script   : Snif - (Simple And Nice Index File) 
Version  : 1.5.2 (possibly lower versions too)
Found By : Aodrulez.
Email    : f3arm3d3ar[at]


Some Default Settings are:

$hiddenFilesWildcards = Array("*.php", "*~");
$allowPHPDownloads = false;

The first option will prevent any php file 
from being listed in the directory listing.
Second one will prevent download of files 
with ".php" extension.

Even with these options set,we can still
download php files....due to the following
vulnerable code:-

if ($_GET["download"]!="") {
 $download = stripslashes($_GET["download"]);
 $filename = safeDirectory($path.rawurldecode($download));
 if (
	OR fileIsHidden($filename)
	OR (substr(strtolower($filename), -4)==".php" AND !$allowPHPDownloads)) {

The last line in the above code checks the
file's extension to make sure its not a php
file.This line of code is Vulnerable though


Lets say the script is located here:

The following url will bypass all restrictions
and let you download a php file :-

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