Ubiquity Nanostation5 (Air OS) - Remote Command Execution

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发布时间 2010-06-30 更新时间 2010-06-30
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# Exploit Title: Ubiquity Nanostation5 (Air OS) 0day Remote Command Execution
# Date: 01 07 2010
# Author: Emanuele 'emgent' Gentili
# Software Link: N/A
# Version: AirOS all firmwares
# CVE : N/A

[+] Vulnerability Descrition
With not privileged account, like read-only, an attacker is able to execute commands into
the system via web application panel. Knowing that the system.cfg file is located in /tmp/ directory,
will be simple read the content (like users, password, wireless key ecc.).
The vulnerable function is about "Show AP info", that is located in the main page of web panel
in the section "Extra Informations".

[+] The Remote Command Execution string

[+] Responsible Disclosure
After some mail with Ubnt QA and Security Team people, the fixed firmware was released.