Liferay 6.0.x - WebDAV File Reading

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发布时间 2012-04-22 更新时间 2012-04-22
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Specially crafted webdav request allows reading of local files on liferay 6.0.x


Liferay Portal is an enterprise portal written in Java

By creating a specially crafted webdav request that contains an
external entity it is possible to read files from a liferay server.
and echo these back in the response. You could use this for instance
to download configuration files containing database passwords or ssh
keys located in a users home folder

Proof of concept:

Code demonstrating the vulnerability can be found at

Systems affected:

Liferay 6.0.5 ce is confirmed to be vulnerable
Liferay 6.0.6 ce is confirmed to be vulnerable

Vendor status :

Liferay was notified januari 2 2012 by filing a bug in their public
bugtracker under issue number LPS-24562. The issue has since been
flagged as private and has been resolved.