Cisco IOSHTTP服务器漏洞

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漏洞ID 1106056 漏洞类型 未知
发布时间 2000-10-25 更新时间 2005-10-12
CVE编号 CVE-2000-0984 CNNVD-ID CNNVD-200012-175
漏洞平台 Hardware CVSS评分 5.0

Cisco devices running IOS software may be prone to a denial of service attack if a URL containing a question mark followed by a slash (?/) is requested. The device will enter an infinite loop when supplied with a URL containing a "?/" and an enable password. Subsequently, the router will crash in two minutes after the watchdog timer has expired and will then reload. In certain cases, the device will not reload and a restart would be required in order to regain normal functionality.

This vulnerability is restricted to devices that do not have the enable password set or if the password is known or can be easily predicted. The vulnerable service is only on by default in the Cisco 1003, 1004 and 1005 routers. 

Users can identify vulnerable or invulnerable devices running IOS by logging onto the device and issuing the ?show version? command. If IOS is running on a vulnerable device the command will return ?Internetwork Operating System Software? or ?IOS (tm)? with a version number.

Vulnerable IOS software may be found on the following Cisco devices:

*Cisco routers in the AGS/MGS/CGS/AGS+, IGS, RSM, 800, ubr900, 1000, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 2500, 2600, 3000, 3600, 3800, 4000, 4500, 4700, AS5200, AS5300, AS5800, 6400, 7000, 7200, ubr7200, 7500, and 12000 series.
*Recent versions of LS1010 ATM switch. 
*Catalyst 6000 with IOS.
*Catalyst 2900XL LAN switch with IOS.
*Cisco DistributedDirector.