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漏洞ID 1111854 漏洞类型 代码注入
发布时间 2006-12-25 更新时间 2006-12-31
CVE编号 CVE-2006-6887 CNNVD-ID CNNVD-200612-729
漏洞平台 PHP CVSS评分 6.8
              logahead UNU edition 1.0    
  Author: CorryL    [corryl80@gmail.com]  

-=[+] Application:    logahead UNU edition
-=[+] Version:        1.0
-=[+] Vendor's URL:   http://typo.i24.cc/logahead/
-=[+] Platform:       Windows\Linux\Unix
-=[+] Bug type:       Remote Upload file & Code execution
-=[+] Exploitation:   Remote
-=[+] Author:          CorryL  ~ corryl80[at]gmail[dot]com ~
-=[+] Reference:       www.x0n3-h4ck.org
-=[+] Virtual Office:  http://www.kasamba.com/CorryL
-=[+] Irc Chan:        irc.darksin.net #x0n3-h4ck       
-=[+] Special Thanks: Merry Christmas for All, Thanks for all  #x0n3-h4ck member,
                                  un saluto a tutti gli avolesi nel mondo.

..::[ Descriprion ]::..

You might already have heard of logahead - the ajaxified blogging engine using PHP4 and mySQL database by James from the UK.
The UNU edition is based on the logahead beta 1.0 code published under GNU/GPL license. While the original version sticks to 
the basic functions of a blog (mainly publishing posts and receiving comments), the UNU edition is more enchanted and offers 
a number of additional features.

..::[ Bug ]::..

My give searches the form Widgets of this blog is results vulnerability, in fact
a remote attaker is able to upload also a file php, and to perform arbitrary commands
inside the server victim.

..::[ Proof Of Concept ]::..


..::[ Disclousure Timeline ]::..

 [25/12/2006] - Public disclousure

# milw0rm.com [2006-12-25]
logahead Logahead Unu 1.0