razorCMS 权限许可和访问控制漏洞

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漏洞ID 1120787 漏洞类型 权限许可和访问控制
发布时间 2012-01-10 更新时间 2012-11-20
CVE编号 CVE-2012-5918 CNNVD-ID CNNVD-201211-350
漏洞平台 PHP CVSS评分 4.0
# Exploit Title: razorCMS 1.2 Path Traversal
# Google Dork: "Powered by razorCMS"
# Date: January 10, 2012
# Author: chap0
# Software Link: http://www.razorcms.co.uk/archive/core/
# Version: 1.2
# Tested on: Ubuntu
# Patch: Upgrade to latest release 1.2.1
# Greetz To: <Insert Name Here>

RazorCMS is vulnerable to Path Traversal, when logged in with
a least privileged user account the user can access the 
administrator's and super administrator's directories and 
files by changing the path in the url. The vulnerabilities exist
in admin_func.php

Patch Time line:
Dec 11, 2011 - Contacted Vendor
Dec 11, 2011 - Vendor Replied ask for details of vulnerability
Dec 12, 2011 - Submitted details
Dec 13, 2011 - No reply asked for an update
Dec 13, 2011 - Vendor Replied asking for a week or two for a fix after the holiday period
Dec 20, 2011 - Emailed Vendor for an update 
Dec 21, 2011 - Vendor confirmed vulnerabilities asked for two weeks time for a fix
Dec 27, 2011 - Emailed vendor some "temp fixes" for the vulnerabilities discovered
Jan  3, 2012 - Emailed vendor more "temp fixes"
Jan  5, 2012 - Vendor replied sent a new updated file v1 admin_func.php
Jan  5, 2012 - Replied to vendor discovered more vulnerabilities
Jan  6, 2012 - Vendor response with new file with fixes v2 admin_func.php
Jan  6, 2012 - Tested discovered more vulnerabilities 
Jan  8, 2012 - Vendor replied with new file v3 admin_func.php
Jan  8, 2012 - Tested, vulnerabilities are fixed reported to vendor
Jan  9, 2012 - Vendor released update 1.2.1
Jan 10, 2012 - Public Disclosure

Path Traversal Details:

The following files and directories are vulnerable to Path Traversal
Attack including any files or directories that the admin or super admin
may create within these directories



An example would be if the super admin created a directory within razor_temp_logs
named sekrit which should not be accessible with a least privileged user, the 
least privileged user can change the path as shown below:


Which also works on files within those directories which the user should not have
access to which at this point gives the user access to view, edit, rename, move,
copy and delete the file.



Another vulnerability exist in this version of razorCMS, if a least privileged user creates
a directory with their logged in credentials, and then deletes the directory, the user will 
then have access to the administrative directories and files.